Roma Pizza And Pasta is committed to strong community involvement. We offer several ways that local non-profit organizations can raise money for their need. Some examples are:

1. Sponsoring a pizza day, where a set percentage of the referred sales are donated back to the organization. This is a very easy fundraiser to organize and execute, since it requires no selling of products by the organization’s members (i.e. candy bars, candles, etc.). Families frequently eat pizza, so it’s easy to get good participation.

2. Buying pizzas for a deep discount and reselling for a profit. For organizations that are holding events that enable the sale of pizzas (either whole or by-the-slice), this could be a very lucrative method of fundraising.

3. Selling Roma Pizza And Pasta Fundraiser cards, a unique fundraiser peel off coupon card. The idea behind these cards is simple. The pizzeria sells or gives them to schools, churches, soccer teams and other groups in their area. Then students, parents or volunteers sell them in the community for a fee that goes back to them.

Have other fundraising ideas?

Contact Roma Pizza And Pasta at if you are interested in partnering up.

Fundraising is available to non-profit organizations, schools, and churches.